The Fiestalonia competitions open the doors to the creative future!We always follow the achievements of our participants and are proud of their success!

We are pleased to announce that over the past year 17 talented and bright participants of our competitions and festivals have been enrolled in Higher Educational Institutions without entrance examinations, and also received funding for their studies.

The participation in the competitions organized by the team of Fiestalonia, is a positive impetus in the development of young talent and a reliable start to a future career. Our contests are aimed at new perspectives in training and education and further taking part in the tour activity.

The diplomas of the Fiestalonia competitions are recognized by the Ministries of Education and Culture of many countries of the world. Every year the list of these countries is expanding, emphasizing the prestige and credibility of our competitions and festivals.

The international festival-competition-tour “Mediterranean Legends”, which took place in May this year, have opened the doors of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan to a talented participant from Uzbekistan, Isroilov Sardor. His powerful performance with the Afghan rubab, the national musical instrument, made him a first degree winner!

For Sardor, “Mediterranean Legends” became the first international competition, before that he twice participated in state competitions in Uzbekistan. Stubbornly engaged in music since childhood, he wanted to conquer the heights and chose “Mediterranean Legends” as a take-off strip for his achievements.

We, the team of Fiestalonia, wish Sardor success in his studies, good luck in all endeavors and great victories!

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