International contests Fiestalonia is a tension and rejoicing, a triumph and tears of happiness, a dizziness from success and immersion in a grand atmosphere of an international competition. These feelings that thousands of motivated performers experience in one of the most prestigious contests in Europe. All of them go through unforgettable moments as it’s a meeting of different creative groups and schools! All the participants of the contest get an independent and professional mark of international judges who work according to an accurately considered valuation system which has been developed by us for many years and which guarantees the highest quality of judging. Each participant of the dancing competition gets a numbered personalized certificate which is registered in the Spanish agency and the group’s teachers get certificates from the Dance Council UNESCO.



Fiestalonia providers the whole number of international festivals and contests among those there are special ones. For example there is a number of special competitions for choirs, orchestras, individual instrumental performers; choreography, classical music, singing contests and folklore festivals. Also we offer all nonprofit creative groups participate in our festivals and contests of different genres. The main purpose of the festivals and contests that we organize is a fair competition among creative groups and individual performers from all overt the world, the demonstration of art to the audience and also experience exchange among the group heads.


International competitions, held under the brand Fiestalonia contribute to preservation and a popularization of national traditions, ethnic culture of different nationalities and strengthening of international relations. These cultural activities are directed to the propaganda of peace, friendship, fraternal relations and world nations’ solidarity by means of folk art of dance, singing and music, rich traditions and respected national standards of self-expression and communication. Fiestalonia is not just contests, but acquaintance with the culture of different countries and nations, well thought-out and memorizable excursion programs and just a relaxing on a Spanish coast Costa Brava or on the beaches of the Adriatic Sea in Italy.



This contest is annually held in June on a picturesque cost of Costa Brava. Groups and individual performers make performances in an amazing castle of the 12th century Villa Vella. It’s notable that in this town-fortress still live people. From the wonderful stage and spectator’s seats there opens a picturesque view on the Mediterranean Sea and the most beautiful harbor on the coast of Costa Brava. In the contest there take part instrumentalists, organists, classical vocal performers, jazz performers, academic and chamber choirs, orchestras and individual performers. >>>


FIESTALONIA holds two specialized choir contests «GOLDEN VOICES MONTSERRAT» is an annual contest which is held in March. The peculiarity of this event is that the final performance of groups is held in a monastic complex Montserrat on the same stage with a boys’ choir Escalonia which is known all over the world. It is the first time in a thousand-year history of the monastic complex that it is allowed to mundane choirs to perform there! «NOTRE DAME’S GOLDEN VOICES» is annually held in Paris in July. The peculiarity of this event is that the final performance of groups is held in the famous cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris. This is an exclusive possibility for choirs from all over the world to perform in a final concert in Notre-Dame itself!


MÚSICA DEL MAR – contests of various genres are held by FIESTALONIA all the year round in Spain, Italy and France. In these contests there take part performers of such nominations as choreography, choirs, singing, instrumental performance, orchestras, readers, visual art, hand-made art, photography, and embossment. People go to these contests with their families and supporters. And it’s not important on which level you are, as participation itself motivates you and gives you a chance to improve your skills! An interesting and rich program perfectly combines competitive days with excellent excursions, disco clubs and of course memorable gala concerts which are known for its vividness and peculiarity, the scripts of which are never repeated!


DANCING CATALONIA is an international contest, calling about a hundred choreographic groups from all over the world which is annually held in Spain in March and is one of the most prestigious contests in Europe. INTERNATIONAL DANCE GAMES ® The idea of holding such a contest as the international dance games is challenged by an Olympian ideal of contest in a fair competition of dancing groups from all over the world. This idea should inspire people to feel the spirit of the festival regardless of their performance level. The contest is held once a year in June, moving from one country to another.




International “folklore festival in Catalonia is annually held in Spain in February. It contributes to preservation and popularization of national traditions, ethnic culture of different nationalities, strengthening of international connections. International Folklore Festival in Catalonia is a cultural event intended for the propaganda of peace, friendship, fraternal relations and world nations’ solidarity by means of folk art of dance, singing and music, rich traditions and respected national standards of self-expression and communication. It is one of few festivals intended for attraction of the performers of authentic culture of small-numbered peoples. The peculiarity of the contest consists in the place of holding it. It’s a castle Castell Medieval in Spain. In spite of the fact that it’s restored and equipped due to all the demands of the modernity, its atmosphere still makes everyone get absorbed in those times when knights fought on arenas and kings ruled the countries. The provider of Fiestalonia Milenio provides participants with a specially equipped stage for the show straight in the hall of the castle where a thousand years ago there probably could be situated the royal amphitheatre. After the contest a real surprise is waiting for the participants – a tournament with an impressive combats with swords in a medieval manner and magnificent royal dinner during the combat.


OPEN ITALY, which is annually held in Italy in September and OPEN SPAIN, which is held once a year in Spain in February. These specialized contests are notable for the popular of judges’ team which includes worldwide celebrities. The contest is a unique competition not only for the competitors but also for the teachers. They let a possibility to win worthy European awards. After the ending of the event and the announcement of the results, by all means a round table with the judges’ representatives is held. In the network of the contest there are also provided master classes. There are determined the next nominations: – piano solo, piano ensembles for one instrument (it’s not allowed to perform the program on two instruments); – folk instruments: bayan, accordion, domra, balalaika and other musical instruments (soloists and ensembles); – orchestral instruments: bowed string, wind and percussion instruments (soloists and ensembles); – guitar (soloists and ensembles).


Dear friends! Your creative group wants to participate in one of our international festivals but your budget for this year is up? The tickets are too pricy or your creative group has not enough funds to participate in one of the contests? Don’t lose hope, because many artistic groups face these problems. Don’t collapse, we’ll give you some advice how to find a sponsor.


1. Address to the authorities

Address to the state regional organizations which can be ministries of culture or public departments of culture, education and work with youth. Write an official petition and amplify it with lively pictures. Remember that the first impression is very important. From our side the international festival committee FIESTALONIA will provide you with an official petition addressing the official organizations to assist in helping you to participate in an international festival and present there your country and region.

2. Turn to entrepreneurs for help

Business is always interested in creation of a favorable image and promotion of its production and services. Try to convince them that an investment into the propaganda of their own country and their folk out of the country will always do only the good. FIESTALONIA has developed a special program for your sponsors. Each sponsor can be presented on the festival in the form of advertising products, banners and the foremen can do short commentaries about sponsors during the concert. The organizing committee of the festival and municipal authorities give official thank you letters into the address of the sponsors as their gratitude for the development of cultural relations among different countries. Your artistic group can print the logo of your sponsor on your own T-shirts. All this makes a positive image for the sponsor as thousands of people will get to see that.

3. FIESTALONIA prepares an official petition

FIESTALONIA sends an official petition to the address of the official authorities in your region or town with a request to support your artistic group in presentation of your region on an international contest. Also FIESTALONIA can send official letters of support from regional authorities of the countries which receive a contest to the address of the regional authorities in your country.

4. Organize a free concert

Organize a free concert in your town and raise donation funds. While doing this prepare vivid posters which explain your desire to participate in the international contest. During the concert ask people to give donations as your desire for demonstrating your talent and culture is a part of a common cause.14

5. Address the culture supporting funds

Certainly there exist associations and funds which give help in preservation and development of culture in your region. Gather as more recommendations and references as possible and address them. Anyways it’s their obligation to help talented performers.

6. Go through the Mass Media

Attract the attention of the Mass Media. Prepare an article about a coming festival and about the necessity to participate in it. Tell the press about the importance of participating in festivals and contests for cultural development. The press always willingly writes about culture and the upcoming events, especially if it concerns the reputation of the country and the propaganda of the culture of the country abroad. In the article try to explain about the upcoming festival in detail and for receiving the necessary information address FIESTALONIA. We will willingly introduce you the press releases.

7. Use social networks

To attract attention to the trip use social networks at most. Be inimitable and ingenious. Get together with all the group and brainstorm how to become more creative.

8. Donations’ gathering

You can organize donations’ gathering through electronic payment systems. If each of your friends transfers one euro, you may get up to one thousand euros.

9. Make money during the concerts

During the concerts on our and other contests you can sell your CDs and souvenirs.

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